Terms of use

1. General

These General Conditions of Use define the modalities of provision of the tracking portal service and the conditions of access and use of the tracking portal by the User.

Users are legal entities that have placed an order with VACOM, e.g. with regard to the cleaning of vacuum components, as well as natural persons acting on behalf of these legal entities.

By accessing or using the tracking portal, the user declares his full and unrestricted agreement with all provisions of these General Terms of Use, which he undertakes to observe. The present terms of use thus constitute a contractual relationship between VACOM and the user.

If the user does not agree to these General Terms of Use in whole or in part, he/she must waive any use of the tracking portal.

IT technical description of access to the tracking portal and its use can be found in the user manual (user documentation).

2. Access to the Tracking-Portal

The tracking portal is accessible free of charge to any user with an Internet connection. All costs associated with access to the tracking portal, be they material, software or Internet connection costs, shall be borne exclusively by the user. The user is solely responsible for the functionality of his computer system and for the quality and quantity of his connection to the Internet.

The information area of the tracking portal is only accessible to the user after registration or creation of the master account and further on after activation of the API key allocated by VACOM.

VACOM shall use all reasonable means at its disposal to ensure high quality access to the tracking portal. In doing so, VACOM shall not be subject to any obligation to achieve a result. Furthermore, VACOM shall not be liable for any disturbances in the network or the servers or for any other event that is not adequately monitored and that could prevent or impair access to the tracking portal.

VACOM reserves the right to suspend, temporarily suspend or modify access to the tracking portal, in whole or in part, without prior notice, without such suspension, suspension or modification constituting any obligation on the part of VACOM or any compensation claim on the part of the user.

3. Use of the Tracking-Portal

On the tracking portal, users can view the progress of the processing of their orders.

The order tracking system accessible via tracking as well as order tracking data retrieved via tracking are private property of VACOM. VACOM authorises the use of the order tracking system of the tracking portal only to query the status of orders and to store the order tracking data for the order-related processing purposes of the users. Any other use of order tracking data shall not be permitted without the express written consent of VACOM.

The provision of the tracking portal is a personal service (as customer care). The right to use the order tracking system and order tracking data is therefore not transferable.

Users (legal entities) are obliged to deactivate the master accounts of their relatives (natural persons) if they leave the user's premises.

Access to the tracking portal or use of the order tracking system / order tracking data not in accordance with these terms of use is without authorization and is strictly prohibited.

4. Blocking of access and termination of the contract

VACOM reserves the right to unilaterally and without prior notice block the access to the tracking portal for the user who does not comply with these General Terms of Use. In case of violation of the above provisions, the access authorisation to the tracking portal may also be completely withdrawn and the master account of the offender may be deleted.

5. Collection of personal data during registration

When you register in the tracking portal, we will collect and store personal data such as your name and e-mail address. We will collect, process and store all personal data that we receive from you only for the purpose of initiating and maintaining a business relationship and to fulfil a concluded contract or legal obligations. Your data will not be passed on to third parties.

With regard to the personal data concerning you, you have legally established rights vis-à-vis us, which result from the applicable data protection laws. These include the right of access, rectification or cancellation, restriction of processing, opposition to processing and data transferability of your personal data. You also have the right to complain to a data protection supervisory authority about the processing of your personal data.

On request we can inform you whether and which personal data are stored about you. You can refuse the further use of your personal data. contradict data or restrict their use. If you exercise such a objection, we ask you to explain the reasons why we cannot accept your personal data should not be processed as carried out by us. In case of your justified objection, we will examine the facts of the case and either stop data processing or adapt or show you our compelling reasons for protection, on the basis of which we will continue the processing. Please send your request in writing or by Email to our company data protection officer, email: Datenschutz@vacom.de.